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In order to document the release of public information to members of the public, a records release ledger shall be maintained by the Criminal Records Division reflecting the identity (full name, address, date of birth, and driver’s license number) of all persons who are provided public records. This ledger shall also include a document identifying file number (item number), type of report (signal), and number of pages of the released document.

This documentation shall not include the release records or information to governmental entities or the respective representatives to whom documents are released to for purposes of official investigations, prosecutions, etc.

Criminal Background Checks

Background checks must be requested in person with proper identification required. Acceptable forms of ID are a state issued driver’s license, state issued identification, military identification or passport. No one can get a background check for someone other than him or her self. Attorneys requesting a background check on a client must present a waiver signed by the client giving the attorney permission to receive the information, and this is for parish background checks only.

The Iberville Sheriff’s Office is now a sub-station for State Police for state and federal fingerprinting background checks. Businesses that would like to be on this list can call Lisa Boudreaux at 225-687-5129 to get information on applying. Employers will schedule background checks for potential hires, and will provide an authorization disclosure form. That form and personal ID must be provided to obtain a fingerprinting background check. For more information call 687-5100.

The cost of background checks are as follows:

Parish – $5.00

State – $41.00

State and federal – $61.25

Incident Reports

First reports involving criminal offenses where it is not generally considered that an arrest is eminent are public record and therefore should be released upon request. These types of reports usually consist of reports of property crime (thefts, burglary, etc.) requested by victims or their representatives (insurance companies) for insurance purposes.

It is imperative to note that the first report is the only portion considered public record. No investigative or supplemental reports may be released except supplemental information involving a listing of property damaged, lost, stolen, or recovered. These reports are obtained from the Criminal Records Division. For more information, please call (225) 687-5100.

Auto Accident Reports

Motor Vehicle Crash Investigative Reports are not public record (see La R. S. 32:398) but can be released to the parties involved, owners of property effected, and/or their representatives (insurers, attorney’s representing parties, etc.). When a deputy writes an incident or accident report, the parties  involved are provided with a card listing a file number. The file number should be brought to Criminal Records for the report.

Supplemental Reports

As stated above, supplemental or investigative reports are privileged and shall not be released. The only exceptions are supplemental reports detailing property damaged, lost, stolen, or recovered.

Reports Involving Juveniles

Any arrest report of a juvenile or any incident report identifying a suspect who is a juvenile is considered privileged. These reports cannot be released without a court order.

Additional Information
For more information, please call (225) 687-5100.